Cloud 9 Beds

Our beds are available for purchase!

On each bed there is a Suite Dreams card with the two mints on them. The back side has the information on how to get the bed.

The Cloud 9 Pillow and the exclusive Cloud 9 bed are each manufactured with the highest quality and comfort specifications for InnSuites Boutique Collection Suite Hotels plus high Thread Count Satin Stripe Sheets.

Our guests have been so excited about their good night’s sleep with the Cloud 9 Collection and the Cloud 9 Bed, Cloud 9 Pillow and sheets that they have asked how they can purchase these for the comfort of their own home.

Cloud 9 Pillows are available at the front desk for only $25 each.
The sheets, too, are available at $100 per set of deep pocket fitted and flat for King or Queen.
The Cloud 9 Bed is available directly from the manufacturer, Simmons, by calling 1-866-WANTBED.

Cloud 9 Beds

Simply mention that you stayed at an InnSuites Boutique Collection Suite Hotel and mention the location number 21-22-54.

The queen-sized Cloud 9 Pillow Top Bed includes a 10-year warranty and InnSuites high standard commercial specifications available at $1249 delivered to your home, tax included. The king bed is only $1440. Because of the substantial buying power of the InnSuites Boutique Collection Suite Hotel system through Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, we are able to pass this unusually attractive value on to you, our guest, available through Simmons nationwide.