Environmental Policy

We at InnSuites Hotels strive to:
  • Maintain a clean healthy environment
  • Continually work on improving our environmental performance
  • Comply with federal, state and local regulations
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Engage our employees
  • Enhance the guest experience
Specific actions InnSuites Hotels is taking:
  • Change from incandescent to fluorescent bulbs throughout the Hotel
  • Turn off lights, refrigerators and air-conditioning/heat when studio/suite and/or area are not in use
  • Replace the linen every third day for stayover guests and after each checkout
  • Tent cards inform the guest of towel/linen re-use program
  • Monthly Hotel Environmental Meetings with Environmental Committee
  • Shut down sections of the hotel based on occupancy
  • Regularly clean HVAC filters
  • Purchase only Energy Star appliances
  • Operate laundry on 2nd or 3rd shift during non-peak hours to save on utility costs
  • Replacement toilets are 1.6 gallon toilets
  • Replacement showerheads are 2.5 gallon per minute Such as the Price Pfister 015-TM0K Eco Pfriendly
    Variable Air Infusion Rain Can 3-Position Showerhead
  • Office paper products should have 20% post consumer recycled content
  • Ensure doors/windows are properly sealed
  • Repair or replace drippy faucets or running toilets
  • Put timers on pool and grounds equipment and storage room lights
  • Keep extra blankets in the guestrooms
  • Housekeeping monitors and sets standard temperatures in guest and public areas.
  • Regularly clean and dust fixtures
  • Dispose of hazardous materials including batteries, bulbs properly.
  • Institute a recycling program.
  • Replace old equipment with high efficiency equipment
  • Housekeeping to report any dripping faucets or running equipment to maintenance.
  • Use ceiling fans when possible.
  • Clean and adjust dryer burners regularly.
  • Replace windows with dual pane
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products when effective.
  • InnSuites Hotels is pleased to offer Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Coffee by Royal Cup.More…